The Pelican Grille

On the Golf Course! Open to the public!

 Served Until 12pm

Breakfast Tacos (2) 
Scrambled Eggs blended with cheese, bacon and salsa, all wrapped in a warm tortilla

Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich
Eggs, Cheese and Bacon or Ham, on Kaiser Roll or Croissant

Sandwiches served with fries or chips and a pickle
Bread choices: White, wheat, rye, or wheatberry
Cheeses: American, cheddar, swiss, or provolone

The Pelican Club
Club sandwich with turkey, ham, bacon, american cheese and all the fixings

Shrimp Po-Boy or Wrap
Fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato and tartar or cocktail sauce

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Fried chicken tenders wrapped in a tortilla with shredded cheese, lettuce and ranch dressing

Peninsula Burger
1/2 lb. hamburger with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo on a toasted bun

The Birdie
Grilled chicken and provolone panini with crumbled bacon, tomatoes and ranch on sourdough bread

The Putter
Turkey or ham deli sandwich with your choice of cheese and bread

Island Fish Sandwich
Fried fish fillet with sauce, lettuce, tomato, and cheese

Chicken Quesadillas
Grilled chicken with cheese, tomatoes, onions and jalapenos

Chicken Tacos (2)
Diced grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato and cheese

On the Green

Chef Salad
Baked ham, turkey breast, bacon, cheddar and swiss cheese with lettuce, croutons and choice of dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce with caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan cheese

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Fried chicken tenders tossed with lettuce, ranch or blue cheese dressing and shredded cheese

On the Turn
Served up Quick! Your choice with chips.

Grilled Brat
1/4 Lb Burger
2 Hotdogs

Garden Side Salad
Basket of French Fries
Chicken Fingers
Onion Rings
Chicken Wings
Mozzarella Stix

Selection and prices subject to change.

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